Version HistoryVersion 2.0 26 October 2018New features:
  • Customizable layout.
  • Search for text.
  • Animated ship symbol movement between consecutive dates.
  • Option to set time for the above move.
  • Option to filter ships on service.
  • Option to set the layout colour theme (blue, light, dark).
  • Welcome window.
  • Revamped ship selection, including search and service filtering.
  • Multiple positions per day are supported instead of being limited to only noon positions.
  • Much faster loading of ship data.
  • Ship information combined into one pane.
  • Improved HTML in ship and log information pane.
  • Calendar to pick date to show on map uses visual clues to indicate days without information, without position, or duplicate days.
  • Animation of ship symbol is smooth, the speed depending on the distance travelled during the day.
  • Animation no longer skips days without a position.
  • On start, animation steps to next/previous day immediately, not waiting for the interval to expire first.
  • When animation is finished, or stopped, zoom-to-fit is no longer performed.
  • Changes in options are applied immediately if appropriate.
  • Removed NHN server options.
  • Requires .NET Framework 4.6.1, or higher.
  • Version number only major.minor.
  • Open/Append files support JSON files.
Version 1.10.6586.19801 12 January 2018Bug fixes:
  • Fixed broken version check.
  • Fixed a date sorting problem, it didn't always preserve the order of equal dates, e.g. when crossing the date line (as reported by Steeleye).
  • Fixed an error when clicking a reported date in the report box that's outside filtered dates (Editor's mode only).
  • Improved date line crossing detection.
  • Updated links to new location of Journey Plotter website.
  • Removed discontinued OVI/HERE maps.
  • Refreshed logo and icon.
Version 1.9.6220.18381 11 January 2017Bug fixes:
  • Broken Google Satellite and Hybrid map providers are functional again.
  • Updated links for new website location.
Version 1.8.6101.24118 14 September 2016Bug fixes:
  • Broken OpenStreetMap and HERE map providers are functional again.
  • Removed OpenStreetMap Quest map provider, it's no longer freely accessible.
Version 1.7.5875.19342 1 February 2016Bug fixes:
  • Broken Google Maps Satellite and Hybrid are functional again.
  • US ship names are shown in title case instead of upper case.
  • Renamed OVI Maps to HERE Maps.
  • Some small textual changes.
Version 1.6.5733.17750 12 September 2015Bug fixes:
  • Google Maps Satellite and Hybrid are functional again.
  • The ship's (editor's) notes are added to the description box.
Version 1.5.5473.18930 26 December 2014Bug fixes:
  • Improved detection of , instead of . as decimal separator in positions.
  • Go to first and last date animation buttons generated an error if first or last date selection field had been disabled.
  • Improved date detection to prevent false duplicate detection.
  • Legend will automatically omit bridging lines if there are no date gaps in a journey.
  • Added "and" to better separate multiple editors in Editor box.
  • Changed status message after reading a ship.
  • In order to improve validation of dates and positions, XHTML format is no longer supported (Editor's mode only).
  • Removed Yahoo from the list of map providers, the map server has been shut down.
New features:
  • The Information box shows the log-book entries that describe the ship's activities.
    Some remarks on the activities:
    • no links to scanned pages will be shown
    • everything between two dates will be treated as belonging to the first encountered date, including editor notes, empty pages, etc.
    • due to limitations in the .NET framework, not all formatting of activities will be shown correctly.
      Most notably:
      • tables will always show border lines
      • table cells will not be automatically resized in width, or height, causing text to continue outside the cell confines
      • table cells will always be left aligned
      • images can't be shown; they will be replaced by a link to the image instead
  • Handle to adjust the height of map and Information box.
    The position of the handle will be remembered between sessions.
    Remark: if you are updating from an older version of Journey Plotter, you might have to drag the handle down to give the map the maximum available space again.
  • The Description box will show the ship name, date span and general location information.
  • Ctrl+N will open Select Logs window.
  • Double clicking a date in the Report box will automatically move the calendar to the selected date (Editor's mode only).
Version 1.4.5356.17037 31 August 2014Bug fixes:
  • Incorrect checkbox was drawn for empty US services when selected.
  • Ship log part number wasn't reset when opening local file (Editor's mode only).
  • JP main window will be shown before starting to read the index from Naval History.
  • Faster reading and parsing of pages from Naval History.
  • Improved parsing of HTML and styling for editor and description boxes.
  • Select multiple files to open (Editor's mode only).
  • Save Map no longer makes a screen capture to save the map, which is prohibited by some security suites.
  • When a selection is active, Save Map asks for confirmation to save the selection or the whole map.
  • All boolean settings show Yes/No instead of True/False.
  • Added some additional error information to traces.
New features:
  • Optionally show a legend on the map, including saved maps.
  • Optionally bridge missing route lines if dates are missing (as suggested by Steeleye and Gordon).
    Includes options for line colour, line style and maximum number of days to bridge.
  • Append multiple files (Editor's mode only).
Version 1.3.5277.15149 13 June 2014Bug fixes:
  • Improved parsing of ship index on Naval History to overcome some index inconsistencies.
  • Maximize map didn't restore to correct size if window size had changed after maximizing.
  • A zero width or height selection area, invisible to the user, caused an error when saving a map (as reported by Steeleye).
  • After changing the animation interval the state of the decrease and increase buttons weren't always set correctly.
  • Ship selection is now a tree in a separate window, instead of multiple selection lists, showing both RN and US.
  • Removed default period option.
  • Moved Save Map options to new Export and Save section.
  • During animation the dimensions of the ship marker is taken into account to determine when the map needs to be panned.
  • Improved drawing of marker shadow, making dragging and panning of map with many markers more smoothly.
  • Added border around animation toolbar.
  • Updated text in About window to include the US ships.
New features:
  • Option to hide future position markers and route when animating.
  • Options to truncate position markers and route trail, and set the length of the trail, when animating.
    The above features were suggested by both Silvia and Paul.
  • Export journey in KML (Google Earth), GPX, NMEA0183, GeoJSON or CSV format.
    Export will take date selection and the visibility of route and markers into account.
    GPX will create a track if the route is visible, but waypoints if only markers are visible.
    NMEA0183 and CSV will not have route information, only marker positions.
  • Added several export options.
Version 1.2.5121.19434 9 January 2014Bug fixes:
  • Set correct visibility state of some items on start-up.
  • Don't calculate the crossing point of the 180° meridian if dates aren't consecutive.
  • Some minor textual changes have been made.
  • Extended map to the left and right of the 180° meridian for improved showing of routes crossing the 180° meridian.
  • Tooltips will remain in map area, rendering them always visible.
  • Save Map will only save selected map area if a selection is active.
  • The selected area will automatically be cleared after zooming to selection.
  • Decreased border width of selected area.
  • Changed default value of Hide filter message in Save Map option group to true.
New features:
  • The United States Arctic ships can be read from Naval-History.Net.
  • Added period selection list to separate Royal Navy WW1 and United States Arctic ships.
  • Maximize map area; the map will fill the whole window by covering the information boxes on the left and bottom of the window.
  • A zoom and pan control has been added to the map, which also has a maximize button, to make use of a touchpad easier.
  • Select an area of the map for saving, or to zoom in, by holding the right mouse button and drag.
    Holding the Shift key whilst selecting, will automatically zoom in on the selected area after release of the mouse button.
  • Added Maximize Map, Show Zoom/Pan Control and Zoom to Selection to View menu.
  • Added options for default period, showing zoom/pan controls and United States Arctic ships index page.
Version 1.1.5013.19775 22 September 2013Bug fixes:
  • Bug triggered when first date chosen is one day after the previous last date in the Date Selection box (as reported by Steeleye).
  • Bug to move the current date marker to the first date when a new block of dates is selected in the Date Selection box.
  • Bug to prevent an error when, after resetting date filtering, a marker is selected outside the previously selected date block.
  • Bug when selecting a month or year in the Calendar (Information box showed no data available instead of showing the date information).
  • Don't zoom to fit journey after changing options.
  • Save Map no longer adds a 4 pixels white space at right-hand and bottom sides.
  • Some minor textual changes have been made.
  • Unused menu items Export and Print are removed until these functions are implemented.
  • Save Map now also supports Bitmap (.bmp), Graphics Interchange Format (.gif), Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpg) and Tagged Image File Format (.tiff).
  • Added Save Map options in the General section:
    • default bitmap format (default is .png)
    • hide filter message on saved map (default is false, i.e. don't hide)
    • default file name (default is "Journey Plotter")
    • JPEG quality (default is 50%)
  • In the Date Selection box the first and last dates will be swapped automatically if the first date is later than the last date.
  • Suppress "Go to Today" context menu in the calendar, today's date has no meaning for the ship's journey.
  • Decreased default marker sizes.
  • The current date marker can be selected from 8 different ship icons in the Map section of the Options window.
  • Instead of only one, all duplicate dates will be marked in yellow using the same ship icon.
  • Changed order of Report menu to better reflect the work flow.
  • Consecutive days are now reported as a date range instead of each date on a single line.
  • Increased height of Options window
New features:
  • Check for new release of Journey Plotter (automatically and a new menu item in the Help menu).
  • Added option check for update interval in the General section (never, at start up, weekly, monthly), default is monthly.
  • Added option in Map section for selecting a ship icon.
  • Added options in Map section for casting shadow beneath markers and behind ship icon.
New editor features:
  • Added report for missing dates (as suggested by Steeleye).
    Missing Dates reports all dates missing, including invalid formatted dates or dates without a link to a log-page.
    Dates missing before the first valid date, or after the last valid date, will not be marked as missing.
  • Added report for suspicious high speeds (as suggested by Steeleye).
    A ship can only cover a certain distance in a day.
    Suspicious Speed reports the dates where that distance is larger than the average speed of the ship would allow.
    To calculate the travelled distance, great-circle distances are calculated using the.
  • Added an option for average speed in knots of the ship in the Editor section.
    Add a couple of knots to allow for favourable currents.
  • Added a separate Report box in order to keep report when a date is selected in the Calendar.
  • Added a Show Report menu item to the View Menu to toggle report box.
  • Added an option for split orientation of Information and Report boxes in Editor section, i.e. split them vertically (default value) or horizontally.
  • Added a handle to change the width (or height) of the Information and Report boxes (the position is remembered on exit).
Version 1.0.4944.19084 15 July 2013Initial release.