Selecting, Animating and Filtering Dates

Date Selection

You can interact with the calendar by clicking on a day to select the date.
In addition, the left and right arrows in the header can be used to move forward or back a month.

Calendar day view

Calender day view

By clicking on the title of the calendar you can change the view from days in the current month to months in the current year.
Another click will switch to years in the current decade.
This action allows you to jump easily to dates in the past or the future.

Calendar month view

Calender month view

Calendar year view

Calender year view

Calendar decade view

Calender decade view

By clicking the First or Last button in the Animation bar the first or last date will be selected respectively.

You can also use your keyboard to navigate through dates.
Use the cursor keys to change the selection.
The Home and End key will select the first or last day, month, year or decade, depending on the active view.
Use Ctrl+Left and Ctrl+Right to change one month, year or decade, depending on the active view.
Use Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down to change between day, month, year and decade views.


The journey can be animated using the Animation bar at the bottom of the calendar.
Animation will automatically select the dates sequentially using the update interval indicated on the right-hand side of the Animation bar.

The animation will start from the selected date after clicking the green Play button.
The Reversed Play button will start the animation from the selected date, but going back in the journey history.
Once an animation is running, the Play button will change into a Stop button which can be used to end the animation.

By clicking the First or Last button the first or last date will be selected respectively.

The Double Arrow buttons on either side of the animation update interval can be used to speed up or slow down the animation.

Consult the Options section below to change how the route is displayed during animation.
It's possible to hide future positions and to truncate the trailing route.
Thepage shows two examples of animations.

Filtering Dates

Because journeys can overlap, especially the longer ones, looking at specific parts of the journey can be difficult.
Filtering by dates makes it possible to select only a specific date range of a journey.
The first and last dates of the desired date span can be entered in the Date Selection box.

Date Selection

Date Selection

The dates can be selected by clicking the calendar icon on the right-hand side of a date.
This will show a calendar which can be navigated as described in Date Selection above.

Alternatively, dates can be changed using the keyboard.
Click on the date that needs to be changed and use the Up, Down, Home and End cursor keys to change it.
Use the Left and Right cursor keys to move between the parts of the date.

The option box to the left of a date can be used to disable or enable a date.
If a date is disabled, the first or last available date respectively of the journey will be used.

The new dates will only be used for filtering after the Select button has been clicked.

Should the selected first date be later than the selected last date, the two dates will be swapped automatically.

The Reset button will reset both dates to the first and last available dates of the journey.

The Compress stationary positions check box can be used to filter out dates when the ship has been stationary.
A ship is considered stationary when two consecutive dates have the same position.

If this option is enabled, by default markers are used to indicate stationary positions.