Version HistoryNew:
  • Added map type setting (normal, satellite, hybrid, terrain).
  • A 24-hour progress bar is shown when animating journey.
  • If available for a ship additional, dead-reckoning positions are shown.
  • Added setting to only show noon positions.
  • Animated ship symbol movement between consecutive dates.
  • Added setting to set the ship symbol animation time.
  • Android versions below 5 are no longer supported.
  • Location permission is no longer asked for, your location isn't used.
  • Faster day skipping when large number of days aren't included in journey.
  • Removed setting to show zoom control on map.
  • Improved resolution of some graphics.
  • Duplicate date ship symbol is no longer shown when animating.
  • Corrected one or two spelling mistakes.
Bug fixes:
  • Selecting different ship symbol failed.
  • Ship list wasn't loaded automatically when app was started offline and Internet connection was restored.
  • Improved date line crossing detection.
  • Ship Select dialogue now shows the number of ships in the (filtered) list.
  • Service Select dialogue now shows the number of available ships per service.
  • Refreshed icon and logo.
  • Some minor graphical tweaks.
Initial release.