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Tap to see information about the selected ship, the editor and other note
No data connection.
If tapped, a message will appear explaining that a data connection is required for Journey Plotter to function properly.
Tap to select a ship to view.
Select a ship from the ship list to load and view.
Next to the ship's name a flag is shown indicating the ship's service. The service filter dialogue below shows the available services and their flags.
There may be hundreds of ships' names in the list.
To find a specific ship, type its name in the search box.
Delete the characters to show all available ships in the list again.
It's also possible to filter the list by toggling available services.
Tap the filter button to see the available services, with the number of ships available (in brackets) after each service, and toggle the ones you would like to include and exclude.
If the filter button has a blue background, this indicates at least one of the services has been excluded from the list.
Available services:
If a voyage consists of multiple parts, select one or more of its parts.
Multiple parts
The parts are presented the same way as they appear on.
Tap to show the Journey Plotter manual.
Tap to make changes to settings.
The settings, described in thesection, allow you to customise many features of Journey Plotter to your own liking.