The settings described below allow you to customise many features of Journey Plotter to your own liking.
Tapin the header bar to show the settings page.

The settings are divided into the following sections:

General Settings

Animation intervalThe interval in seconds between updating days when animating5160
Hide future routeChoose whether to hide future position symbols and track when animating.Do not hideDo not hideHide
Truncate past trailChoose whether to truncate the past track (only used when the above Hide future route setting is enabled)Do not truncateDo not truncateTruncate
Trail lengthThe number of days to trail when animating (only used when the above Truncate past trail setting is enabled)7031
Compress stationary positionsChoose whether to compress stationary positions into one symbol. A ship is considered stationary when two consecutive dates have the same positionCompressDo not compressCompress
Filter active indicationChoose whether to change the colour of the filter button to indicate position filtering is activeIndication onOffOn
Send anonymous usage statisticsChoose whether to share anonymous usage statistics. The statistics will be used only to analyse which ships are viewed, and which application features are usedOffOffOn

Map Settings

Show zoom controlsChoose whether to display zoom controls on the mapNoNoYes
Position Symbols
Show position symbolsChoose whether to display position symbols on the mapYesNoYes
Start symbolA start symbol is shown when no position is available for the previous daySymbols
Start symbol sizeThe size of a start symbol6110
Position symbolStandard position symbolSymbols
Symbol sizeThe size of a position symbol4110
Stationary position symbolA ship is considered stationary when two consecutive dates have the same positionSymbols
OpacityThe opacity of a position symbol0.801
Track Lines
Show track linesChoose whether to display the track lines on the mapYesNoYes
Track colourThe colour of track lines
OpacityThe opacity of track lines101
Bridging Lines
Show bridging linesChoose whether, if dates are missing, to display track bridging lines on the mapYesNoYes
Maximum days to bridgeThe maximum number of missing dates that can be bridged. A value below 2 will disable bridging2031
Bridging line colourThe colour of bridging lines
OpacityThe opacity of bridging lines0.201
SymbolSelected symbol representing the ship, used to indicate the currently selected dateShip defaultShips