On This Day – 25 October

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RN flagHMS Usk

25 October 1918

At Malta

Lat 35.90, Long 14.52

6.00am: Hands to physical drill and boat pulling

6.30am: Wash down upper deck

7.20am: Quarters, clean guns

8.00am: Captain and mate left ship on special duty

9.15am: Armourers arrived on board to test gun sights

9.30am: Divisions

9.40am: Exercised action stations

11.55am: Shifted to number 4 buoy

3.00pm: Shifted to Ropewalk Trot (2 and 2A buoys)

4.30pm: Sent rifles to dockyard (ordnance) for overhauling

5.30pm: Usual leave to watch

8.00pm: Hoist boats

9.00pm: Rounds correct

According to The Naval Review of January 1978, the Ropewalk Trot are two berths, with bow and stern buoys, lying just inside Isola Point at the entrance to French Creek, i.e. just south of the tip of Senglea.

In total 858 days available for this date.