Journey Plotter allows you to:
  • Run Windows platforms from Windows 7 onward.
  • Customise it's environment, including theming.
  • Select a ship from Royal Navy WW1-era or United States Arctic ships since mid 19th century.
  • Show information about the selected ship and her log-book editor.
  • Use the map provider of your choice:
    • Google
    • Bing
    • OpenSeaMap
    • OpenStreetMap
    For most map providers the map, satellite, terrain or hybrid view can be used.
  • Pan and zoom the map.
  • Show a route line.
  • Show position markers. Different markers can be used to indicate gaps in dates and stationary positions.
  • Estimate noon position for dates without one.
  • Change the position format.
  • Filter by date.
  • Walk though dates manually, or animate the journey.
  • For a given day, show the log-book entries that describe the ship's activities.
  • Search for text in the ship's log-books.
  • Position tools, including a gazetteer, to assist in calculating the ship's position using up to three geographic points, bearings and distances.
  • Automatically read all parts of multi-part logs.
  • Indicate duplicate dates.
  • Save a map as an image.
  • Use many customisable settings, such as route and marker colours and sizes, animation speed, position format and map provider access mode.
Additional features for editors

Journey Plotter has the following features for editors:
  • Import your edited document.
  • Report missing dates.
  • Report duplicate dates.
  • Report dates with missing or invalid position information.
  • Report dates with suspiciously high average speeds.
Limitations and known problems

Limitations and known problems: