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Journey Plotter
Version History

New features:

  • Position Tools: calculate ship's position using a position, bearing and distance, two positions and bearings, or three positions and bearings.
  • Gazetteer: search for geographic points in the database, with many options to fine-tune the search.
  • Added various position tools and gazetteer options to Tools Options, the former Export and Save Options.
  • Added up/down buttons and mouse wheel support to year selection menu of calendars.


  • Renamed Export and Save Options to Tools Options.
  • Day and year fields of date selectors can be changed in steps of 10 using the Page Up and Page Down keys.
  • Added detection of the start of a new log-book, so that the information between the start of a log-book and the first day is added to the first day instead of the last day of the previous log-book (Editor's mode only).

Bug fixes:

  • Text input boxes could leave border artefacts.
  • Menu check glyphs and sub-menu glyphs in dark theme are coloured correctly.
  • Controls in Search pane could overlap in a narrow pane.