Option Panes

Journey Plotter has many settings to customise its look and behaviour to your own preferences. The settings are grouped in a number of Option panes:

Options Pane
  • General
  • Map
  • Tools
  • Editor

Each option pane can be displayed by selecting it in the Options menu item from the Tools menu. By default multiple option panes are grouped together as tabbed panes. They are still individual panes, so it's possible to dock them elsewhere in the environment, or automatically hide them, if required.

An Option pane is divided into two parts.

The top part shows the different settings available; these are grouped into categories.
Categories can be collapsed, or re-opened, by clicking on respectively the - or + symbol next to the category.

The settings are divided into two columns. The left-hand column shows the setting name, the right-hand column its value. Bold values indicate a non-default value.
Right-click on the setting and select Reset to change the value to the default value.

The bottom part shows a description of the selected setting.
The description pane can be hidden or shown using Description in the right-click menu.

Changes to settings are applied immediately where appropriate, and automatically saved when Journey Plotter is exited.

All settings are described in more detail in the sections below.