Animation Example H.M.S. Atalanta

Watch an animation of H.M.S. Atalanta.
It shows the journey with multiple positions for some days, and an infinite trail.

Animation Example H.M.S. Ark Royal

Watch an animation of H.M.S. Ark Royal.
It shows the journey with a trail of one week.

Position Tools Examples

This video shows some of the possibilities the Position Tools have to offer using three examples, taken from a World War 1 logbook of H.M. Torpedo Boat TB.36 and a 1890s logbook of U.S.S. Yorktown (PG-1).
It also includes the use of the gazetteer.

Animated Logo

Watch an animated version of the Journey Plotter logo.


Some Journey Plotter screenshots showing journeys of some ships, using different map providers and options.
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