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Where Were They?
Where Were They?

Watch or interact with ___ World War 1-era Royal Navy vessels as they move about the globe.

The ships’ positions shown here, taken from the logs published at , can only be approximate.
Generally, the positions are those given once a day at noon (though sometimes positions are not given), so there will be occasions when the ships appear to have travelled overland.

Map Controls Overview

Cesium Default View Button Return to the default view.

Cesium 3D Map View Button Select 3D, Cesium 2D Map View Button 2D, or Cesium Columbus Map View Button ‘Columbus’ map view.

Cesium Map Provider Select map provider.

Cesium Full Screen Button Display the map in full screen mode (recommended). Return to this page by selecting Cesium Exit Full Screen Button , or pressing the Esc-button on your keyboard.

Cesium Help Button Navigation (pan, zoom and rotate) instructions.

Cesium Animation Shuttle Control

Time animation control; select Cesium Play Button to start animating forwards, or Cesium Play Backwards Button to animate backwards. Select Cesium Pause Button to pause the animation.
Select Cesium Reset Clock Button to restart the animation at the first available date.
Click the shuttle ring, or drag the shuttle ring pointer, to change the animation speed.

Cesium Timeline Timeline; click a date, or left-click and drag the pointer to change the date. Use the scroll-wheel, or right-click and drag, to change the scale of the timeline. Middle-click and drag to shift the timeline.

Select Cesium Search Ship Button to search for your favourite ship.
If the ship is available at the shown date the view will zoom in on it.
If it isn't available at the shown date, select Cesium Clock Jump Forward Button or Cesium Clock Jump Back Button in the information window to set the clock to the first available date.

Select a ship, and then Cesium Enable Tracking Button in the information window to have the view track its position.
Alternatively, double-click the ship.
When a ship is being tracked the view cannot be changed, with the exception of zooming.

Select Cesium Disable Tracking Button in the information window to stop tracking and gain full control over the view again.