Date Filter Pane

Because journeys can overlap, especially the longer ones, looking at specific parts of the journey can be difficult. Filtering by dates makes it possible to select only a specific date range of a journey.

Date Filter Pane

The first and last dates of the desired date span can be set in the Date Filter pane. If the Date Filter pane isn't displayed, show it by selecting Show Date Filter in the Panes menu item from the View menu.
The dates are limited by respectively the first and last dates found in the ship's journey.

Dates can be selected by clicking the button next to the date, which will show a calendar from which a date can be selected. Use the left or right arrows in the calendar header to change the displayed month, or click on the month and select a month from the menu that will be shown. Click on the year to select a year from the menu.

Alternatively, dates can be changed using the keyboard. First click on part of the date, i.e. day, month or year, and use the Up, Down, Page Up, Page Down, Home and End cursor keys of your keyboard to change the value. Use the Left and Right arrow keys to step through the parts of the date.

The new dates will only be used for filtering after the Select button has been clicked.
Should the selected first date be later than the selected last date, the two dates will be swapped automatically.

The Reset button will reset both dates to the first and last available dates of the journey.

The Compress stationary positions check box can be used to filter out dates when the ship has been stationary. A ship is considered stationary when two consecutive dates have the same position.

Enabling Compress stationary positions will reduce the number of markers on the map, making it easier to select a marker, and increasing the speed when drawing the journey. By default markers are used to indicate stationary positions.