Information Pane

The Information pane shows the information from the log-books for the selected date.
If the Information pane isn't displayed, show it by selecting Show Information in the Panes menu item from the View menu.

If links are available, you can click them to display the information in your default Internet browser.

When a ship is stationary in a position for more than one day, a message is added before the date. For example: The ship is stationary from 10-04-1918 to 15-04-1918.

Duplicate dates, i.e. multiple days with the same dates, are all shown when the date is selected. The duplicate dates are ordered in sequence.

Text, images and links can be copied from the Information pane.
Use the mouse to select the information you require, or press Ctrl-A to select everything; then press Ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard, from where it will be available for use in other applications.