Description Pane

Description Pane

The Description pane shows information about the selected ship and its log-books.
If the Description pane isn't displayed, show it by selecting Show Description in the Panes menu item from the View menu.

The description consists of an overview of the period and station(s), or areas or activities, covered by the log-books. It also provides information about the ship and, if available, an image.

A link to the original ship page on is included. In contrast to Journey Plotter, the ship page on provides links to the scanned log-book pages.

Additionally the name of the editor of the log-books, and some notes on the information from the log-books, are shown.

Text, images and links can be copied from the Description pane.
Use the mouse to select the information you require, or press Ctrl-A to select everything; then press Ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard, from where it will be available for use in other applications.