Search Pane

The Search pane allows you to search for text in the ship's journey.
If the Search pane isn't displayed, show it by selecting Search in the Tools menu.

Search Pane

Enter the text to search for in the search box and click the Search button.
By default the search is a plain text search. If it has to be case sensitive enable the Case Sensitive option.

Journey Plotter also has the option to use regular expressions. Regular expressions allow you to specify search patterns, a very powerful form of wildcards.
Enabling the Regular Expression option will interpret the text you enter in the search box as a search pattern.
If you are unfamiliar with regular expressions, check for more information.

The Fuzzy Search option allows for plain text searching with some leeway, useful if you are unsure how something is spelled, or if you are looking for a word that could possibly be misspelled.
Enable the Fuzzy Search option if you want to perform a fuzzy search, and select the Max. Mutations number. The number of maximum mutations specifies how many characters are allowed to mismatch the search term.

Fuzzy search weighs the search results and will show only what it calculates as the best match.

Search results

Search results are displayed per day. The day's information is shown, without any styling, and the found text is highlighted.
For fuzzy search results, additional lines indicate the accuracy of the found text.

  • No lines: perfect match
  • Bottom line: one character mismatch
  • Bottom and top lines: two or more characters mismatch
Examples of the latter two can be found in the images below.

Search Pane Fuzzy One Mismatch
Search Pane Fuzzy Two Mismatches

The navigation bar above the search result can used to browse through the individual days for which the search term was found.

From left to right, use the following buttons to: Display the first resultDisplay the previous resultShow this day on the mapDisplay the next resultDisplay the last result